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Your moment of holiday optimism

If you're reading this then chances are, no matter what your holiday plans, at some point the topic of conversation will shift to the environment... and ouf, yeah, it's been a year. But there are a lot of victories worth celebrating at the dinner table that would not have been possible without your support.

What do we do now that we’ve done too much?

As I write this, British Columbia - my home - is underwater and affected by an ‘atmospheric river’. Just months ago, it was on fire and experiencing a heat dome that killed hundreds. I was in Australia just before the devastating fire season of 2019, and its subsequent floods. Days ago, I was in a London cafe hearing news about an unprecedented cold snap about to hit the UK. I was in Glasgow during COP26. It is hard not to have a heavy heart.

Beautiful day, world’s ending!

I’m inspired by the fact that the team I work with is actively fighting back against climate change, both here at home and at COP27 itself where our representatives Brynna Kagawa-Visentin and Aaron Mair are going to be pushing for policy change and more action by governments and corporations. Things would be a lot worse already if it weren't for people pushing for change.