Protecting whales and water on World Oceans Day and every day.

Few things are as spectacular and awe-inducing as a breaching humpback whale.

The sheer enormity of their body, with such strength and grace – blasting out of the water, seeming to defy the laws of gravity even just for a moment – is enough to take your breath away. It’s acrobatics and ballet on the largest scale, with a splash down that is out of this world!

It’s what they do, and it is what they have done for millennia.

I love whales. I love everything about them. I have only ever once seen a humpback breach, and from some distance. But the image of it is seared in my mind’s eye. I will never forget it, nor the cacophony of yelps and exhilarated screams from others around me who saw it, too. We all became children again in that brief moment, so full of awe and wonder at the spectacle of this resplendent being before us.

Whales are one of the great gifts of our oceans. And because they are critical to the survival of the marine web of life, they help sustain their own habitat.

It is remarkable to think that right at this very moment, in the three oceans that surround our beautiful country, families and individuals of so many whale species are out there in our waters – feeding on rich sources of food that only our northern waters can provide at this time of year, nursing and protecting their babies, and unfortunately, coming up against increasing threats to their very survival. Pollution, ship strikes, and alarming concerns about the health of their food chain are just a few.

On World Oceans Day, and every day – we are full steam ahead in our work to protect the magnificent whales in our midst – whether it’s the few remaining blue whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, or humpbacks and endangered right whales in the Bay of Fundy, and the thousands of other species in that chain of marine life that require our stewardship.

Whales may be the mightiest animals on the planet, but they are, in fact, some of the most fragile.

At this moment, we are going to court to seek legal protection for endangered blue whales from oil and gas drilling in the Gulf.  Your support of this work has allowed us to take this critical next step in standing between these whales and the reckless drilling that may likely seal their fate if it is allowed to happen.

And we remain steadfast in our commitment to protect humpbacks and right whales from the threat of damaging industrial development in the Bay of Fundy, one of the world’s marine treasures. 

You should feel proud of the support you provide to save these whales. Our work to defend them happens only because you are behind us. You are a member of our team defending whales, and you hold a piece of every advance that is made in their name.

Thank you for standing with us in this work. Thank you for standing with these extraordinary whales and helping to protect the oceans they will need to survive.

Melissa Munro


Meliss Munro - Director of Development and Communications

P.S.: You can make a gift in support of our legal and campaign work to protect these giants. We’ll be happy to send you a special gift of Dizolve Eco-Laundry Strips when you do. THANK YOU!