Top 5 Tips on How to Make the Environment Your Top Issue This Election

Election time is a unique time where your decision-makers want to hear from you about the issues that you care about.

We want to empower you to connect with your local candidates on local environmental issues that are important to you. Here are our top 5 tips on how to get started.

1)  Get to know your local candidates

All parties have party platforms and party values. Get to know what they stand for and who is running in your riding. You can find out who is running in your riding on the Elections Canada website.


2)  Send a clear message

Let your candidates know you are making the environment a top priority this election. In order to make meaningful change, we need to think about how all our policies are working together to address the climate crisis. Are they looking to create new jobs? How can we make these jobs green jobs? Let the party leaders letting them know you will be voting for environemntal action this election by sending your letter today

It’s one thing to say “I support the environment” and another to have a plan with measurable outcomes. We put together some of our key priorities we want to see in a platform, you can check them out here.


3)  Ask for their support

During election time, many candidates want to connect with the folks they seek to represent. If they knock at your door, you can ask them

  • Attend a debate. See to find a debate near you.
  • If they knock at your door or give your house a call ask them to commit to...
    • Champion climate solutions and a rapid transition to clean energy.
    • Designate the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Expansion Project as a ‘project’ and immediately begin consultations with potentially impacted First Nations before further planning for this project moves forward.
  • If they haven’t called you yet, why not give them a call!


4)  Show up to the polls

Casting your vote is the basis for a democratic society. Show up on September 20 and make your voice heard.


5)  Follow-up

Build a relationship with your local decision-makers and be part of the solution. Take them on a tour of a threatened or potential park. Provide them with the information that best assists in making your case and supporting your messaging.


Join a community of change-makers at and make a difference today. Don't forget to sign our pledge and call for environmental action this election. 

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