Watch: Air Quality and Its Impact on Human Health

Our Breathe Easy campaign recently hosted a webinar with Health Canada's Dr. Errol Thomson to learn about the effects of air pollution on our health

Air pollution is a leading risk factor for premature death and disease. Recent research efforts have significantly increased our understanding of the breadth of health effects attributable to air pollutants, and of the specific pollutants that may be responsible for these effects.

The webinar featured Dr. Errol Thomson, a Research Scientist with Health Canada and Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa. In this webinar, Dr. Thomson provided a brief overview of ongoing research efforts into the health effects of air pollution, including the widespread nature of effects, how pollutant composition (and hence source) matters, and factors that contribute to vulnerability.

Members of Ecology Ottawa and Sierra Club Canada were also present to discuss Breathe Easy, an ongoing Ottawa-based citizen science project on air pollution carried out in cooperation by the aforementioned organizations.



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