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Cutting the Fossil Fuel Addiction

Each and every day, North Americans depend upon vast quantities of fossil fuels to drive our economy and many other aspects of our lives. This overdependence causes the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, all of which contribute to decreasing the health of our atmosphere.

Several of the most disconcerting atmospheric problems include smog and air pollution, which are responsible for a higher incidence of respiratory diseases and death; acid rain, which contaminates numerous other ecosystems such as watersheds and forests; and finally, one particularly serious issue, climate de-stabilization caused by the accelerated rate of global warming.

So what is the solution to all of these environmental concerns?

Not the development of more nuclear plants or hydro facilities, as these too have damaging consequences to the environment.

Instead, Sierra Club Canada advocates a sensible mix of solutions, involving the highest possible level of energy efficiency by North American households and businesses alike, the deployment of renewable sources such as wind and solar power, and a widespread shift to new, innovative technologies like hybrid and fuel cells to move people and goods around.

For more information on Sierra Club Canada’s Atmosphere and Energy campaigns, or to find out how you can help, please check out the links below.


Climate Change

Energy Onslaught

Nuclear-Free Canada


Lighting the Way: The Sierra Club's Look at First Steps Toward a Clean Energy Future

The energy-delivery system in North America is in trouble, and the harmful effects of this are being felt today in the form of health problems, environmental damage, and a system that doesn’t meet today’s needs. The Sierra Club U.S. and Sierra Club Canada have surveyed energy programs and found that each of the states and provinces in the northeast United States and Atlantic Canada has taken some useful steps that serve as examples of opportunities for all. Read the report here (pdf, 280k)

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