Votes, Voices, and Environmental Vision

This election will be key for Canada.

No matter who wins we will be facing down a series of environmental crises ranging from climate change to critical threats to biodiversity. No matter who wins, the same corporate lobbyists who try to stall action to address issues like plastic pollution and climate change will continue their efforts.

Having a bad air day?

It’s easy to disregard poor air quality as an issue that happens somewhere else. When we think of smog, we picture cities like Los Angeles, London, and Delhi. It’s more difficult to face the reality that air quality is a universal issue that demands attention whether you live in Saskatoon or Seoul. 

Why we need a glyphosate ban in forestry

Shotgun, Flame, Renegade, Destroyer, Disruptor, Mad Dog:  Does this sound like the basis of a respectful relationship between humans and the natural environment?

These are just a few of the glyphosate herbicide products currently registered for use in forests by Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

Bad Week

blog by Gretchen Fitzgerald

On Wednesday afternoon, we received the decision from the federal court that, while our case questioning the regulation exempting exploratory drilling from impact assessment was serious enough to warrant judicial review, the exemption itself could come into force even as we continue to pursue the case.