Growing the Urban River Greenbelt in Peel

The Credit River is a special feature of Mississauga, and what could be more symbolic of the city’s wish to enjoy and protect its valued river than to grant it Provincial Greenbelt status?  But first, public awareness of this opportunity had to develop, as well as political will to break new ground by pushing through the lengthy provincial application process.

Guided by Sierra Ontario and supported by Friends of the Greenbelt, Peel Group spent more than 2 years spreading the word at public events, distributing printed material, delegating, networking, and finally applauding city staff’s dedicated work in mapping the various public valley lands eligible for inclusion.

And success!  Mississauga’s URV application sailed through Regional Council this month and is on its way to MMAH for review!

But this is far from the end.  Peel Region has more streams and rivers whose inclusion is vital if we envision the Ontario Greenbelt as a more complete and self-sustaining ecosystem.  Brampton has started the process of considering its Etobicoke Creek for URV status.  And the province’s new proposed Land Use Planning Review legislation, designating 21 URVs across the Golden Horseshoe, has just become available for study and comment.   Sierra Ontario and Sierra Peel Group are both looking forward to writing the next chapter in this saga.

For further details about the proposed Ontario Greenbelt legislation, and to contribute your comments and suggestions to it until September 30th, see:

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