Norval Quarry

The Proposed Norval Quarry is located within the Greenbelt in North West Brampton, a small area rich in natural heritage along the Credit River valley. The proposed shale extraction site has a tributary of the Credit River running through it, along with other Provincially Significant wetlands, and Significant Woodlands. Fish habit restoration by the MNR & CVC is on going in this tributary, to restore spawning trout habitat. Existing and future residential homes neighbor the quarry operations, as well as religious and educational institutions. Noise, dust, traffic, and impacts on natural features and well water continue to be unresolved concerns. 

Sierra Club`s Peel Region Group has filed objections with the MNR, City of Brampton, and will continue to support protection of this ecologically sensitive area by attending critical Municipal decision making meetings.

In September 2014 the City of Brampton denied the rezoning for the Norval Quarry, based on extensive technical peer reviews and land-use incompatibility. The application is currently at the OMB awaiting pre-hearing. 

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