Highlighting Natural Heritage: the Credit Valley Trail

Sierra Peel Members participate at local events, committees and roundtables to bring the voice of Sierra Club of Canada to the table in support of Watershed Health and Natural Heritage Preservation. Protection of river valleys and the ecological goods and services they provide to wildlife and people is at the core of our vision and commitment. From stewardship activities at TRCA's Heart Lake Medicine Wheel Garden, to park and conservation area tree plantings, to our participation as stakeholders on projects such as the Lakeview Waterfront Connection and the Credit Valley Trail, we look for local opportunities to collaborate and advocate for environmental protection and healthy sustainable communities.  

The Credit Valley Trail Steering Committee held its second meeting on June 16, 2016. Trails exist in parts of the watershed but are not linked. In other parts of the watershed, trails and linkages need to be developed. The proposed 113 km trail is being planned as an active transportation corridor and a direct link from the Greenbelt to Lake Ontario, highlighting the watershed’s natural and cultural destinations through outdoor recreation. http://www.cvhsociety.ca/our-project/ http://www.creditvalleyca.ca/enjoy-the-outdoors/activities/trails/credit...

Next steps include submission of a Tourism Development Study grant to Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, further coordination with the First Nations Roundtable, and development of a series of Action Plans for the trail to review with municipal staff. Stay tuned for future details on this great project! 

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