EARTH DAY EXCLUSIVE: Tanya Tagaq's newest video "Nacreous"

EARTH DAY EXCLUSIVE -- Internationally acclaimed artist and fearless powerhouse Tanya Tagaq has asked us to share with you her beautiful, haunting new video, “Nacreous” off her album "Retribution." This is her gift to you this Earth Day.

Thank you Tanya - for your singular voice, for your passion, and for all of your extraordinary gifts that cast a light where it's needed.

Tanya Tagaq is an improvisational performer, avant-garde composer and experimental recording artist, who has recently been named a member of the Order of Canada. Her work is highly political, often tackling themes of environmentalism and indigenous rights.

A statement about the video: “Nacreous” depicts cloud formations that are both beautiful and terrifying. These northern clouds, while particularly rare and stunning, contribute to the destruction of stratospheric ozone of the Antarctic and Arctic. It is this duality of hard and soft, beautiful and destructive, that the song and video hope to capture.

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photo: Katrin Braga