Save water smarter. Protect your home.


When you know exactly how much water you’re using, you know how much you’re wasting.

Undetected leaks waste valuable resources. Protect your home and the planet with intelligent leak and flood detection by ALert Labs.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation and Alert Labs are partnering to help supporters conserve water and protect their homes from water damage.

As a start up founded in Kitchener, Ontario, Alert Labs cares about technology that empowers Canadians to protect our homes and our water resources.

In 2016, Southern Ontario saw levels of water stress that triggered municipalities to issue drought warnings and encourage residents to use less water (Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report - 2016/2017 - Volume One).

Alert Labs is working with cities such as Guelph, the Region of Waterloo, and Welland to help residents use less water.

Customers have reported reducing water use by 18% after installing the Alert Labs’ Flowie water sensor and Floodie companion sensor. That is similar to saving 2 months’ worth of water consumption.

Visit Alert Labs to receive 1 year of FREE water usage analytics and leak and flood monitoring ($59 value) when you purchase a Flowie water sensor or water sensor kit. Use promo code SIERRA1YR at checkout.

As an additional benefit, with each purchase Alert Labs will make a charitable donation of $25 to Sierra Club Canada Foundation in support of our work to protect our precious water sources.

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