Wild Child Edmonton Supports the Community with Distance Learning

Wild Child Edmonton Supports the Community with Distance Learning
“Covid-19 & Wild Child Together Apart”

EDMONTON (April 8, 20200 — Edmonton Wild Child of Sierra Club Canada Foundation is supporting Edmontonians by providing an online platform to connect and support with distance learning designed to allow students to build a relationship with nature with their familiesfrom home (e.g. weekly videos, online resources such as a blog and printable materials), and at the same time reduce isolation by providing families an opportunity to feel part of a community.

People should not assume social distancing is the same as self-isolation. You do not need to remain indoors, but you do need to avoid being in close contact with people, and avoid busy trails, staircases, and/or areas where physical distancing would not be possible. In fact, being outside, in your backyard or other natural areas, is very beneficial to your physical and mental health.

“Our resilient and creative staff are now creating online program materials for families to help get them out connecting with nature and learning about the environment during this period of social distancing. Although this is not equivalent to providing face-to-face, hands-on educational opportunities, we do believe it will fill a much-needed niche for families who are spending lots of time together now, given extenuating circumstances for schooling from home, and limited childcare options for their children for the next few months,” said Gretchen Fitzgerald, National Program Director of Sierra Club Canada Foundation.

Wild Child is an educational program of Sierra Club Canada Foundation designed to connect kids to nature through play, providing opportunities for active exploration of urban nature and helping more children get into the ‘wild’. Our Care Policy  follows all public health, school, and childcare advice regarding COVID-19 in order to limit the spread of the virus. Please stay up-to-date on the policies relevant to your province or territory.

“It is not the time to plan a visit to Alberta’s Provincials Parks; however, taking on a new outlook to your neighbourhood walk to discover local trails and new species can offer opportunities for learning and exploration, and can also be a relief valve for families right now. We encourage families to stay connected to nature, while following best practices during Covid-19,” said Paulina Retamales, Edmonton Wild Child Coordinator.   

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For more information, please contact:

Paulina Retamales, Edmonton Wild Child Coordinator, 780.405.1146, edmwildchild@sierraclub.ca

Lindsay Boucher, Prairie Chapter Coordinator, 587.989.3336, Lindsayb@sierraclub.ca

Gretchen Fitzgerald, National Programs Director, 902.444.7096, gretchenf@sierraclub.ca

Local Chapter: