The Prairie Living Room

The Prairie Living Room

Who could have predicted that in 2020 we would have to make to collective decision to stay inside our living room for extended period of time? These have been hard times for many.

We wanted to celebrate the hard decision our community has made to physically distance during Covid-19 by providing a new 'living room'. This living room is green, playful, beautiful and reflects our local flora. Now more than ever we need the benefits of nature for our physical and mental health.

The heart of this project is to bring the community a new space to enjoy safely, to bring playfulness, and appreciate the natural beauty of local species in your own city.

Take a photo and tag us @sierraclubprairie and use the hashtag #PrairieLivingRoom to show us your favorite way to relax in this new green space.

Discover Native Species

Native Prairie Plants

You can also find other native plants such as the Stiff Goldenrod Oligoneron rigidum var ridium and Prairie Dropseed Sporobolous heterolepis at the Prairie Living Room.

Native species are plants that are naturally occurring in the area. This means they have not been introduced or brought in by humans. Native plants are typically hardier, more resistant, require less watering or nutrients through fertilizer. This is because they have naturally adapted to the local conditions such as climate, soil, nutrient availability, predators, etc.

Native species are important to our local ecosystem and are critical to our local biodiversity. This is in part due to the fact that other insects, pollinators, birds, mammals have co-evolved with these plants and rely on them.

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Help support our vision and project! Our work depend on like-minded people like you!

The Prairie Living Room is a pilot installment at The Forks. We’re looking to bring it back next year, and we hope you do to! If so, would you consider donating towards the project?

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*To dedicate a donation to the Prairie Living Room, please note this in the comment section as you fill out the donation form.

Enjoy Responsibly!

Please ensure that you are respecting local health authority guidelines when visiting this Living Room. We encourage the use of masks and to maintain 2 meters apart between users.

Thank You

This project is possible with the kind generosity of the Thomas Sill Foundation. In addition, we’d like to thank Valleywest Landscaping Inc for building our project sustainably and for The Forks for hosting.

Thomas Sill

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