Plastic Free July 2021

This summer, take the Plastic Free July Challenge with us!

ALL MONTH: Refuse, reduce, re-use – take steps to reduce your plastic use all month long. Under COVID, we know not all actions to reduce plastic waste will be possible. but many still are: for instance, stores can let you re-use bags you pack yourself.

ALL MONTH: If you go shopping, remember to point out where your local stores could do better by handing this sample letter to the manager. Look for things like fruits and veggies wrapped in plastic, unnecessary packaging, items in plastic that could be sold in bulk or with lower impact or compostable packaging, etc. 

ALL MONTH: Attend a local municipal meeting or committee or meet with a local representative (many towns and counties are still meeting virtually, and political leaders are open to Zoom Meetings). Ask for a ban on single-use plastics and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a policy that makes producers of plastic waste responsible for what it costs to collect and recycle it!


Link to full 31 Day Calendar

Read the full calendar below:

July 1 - Sign up for Hiking Hero and make picking up litter part of your hike! All funds raised go directly to the chapters. 

July 2 - Tell a friend about Plastic Free July and why it's important to you. 

July 3 - Say NO to Glow Sticks. Glow sticks are hazardous waste; please dispose of them accordingly or choose a reusable glow stick. 

July 4 - Have a plastic free picnic. Use reusable or alternative items such as compostable cutlery. 

July 5 - Great Lakes Plastic: 22 million pounds of plastics enter the Great Lakes every year! What will you do to reduce your impact? 

July 6 - Explore Terracycle. Recycle toothbrushes, plastic gloves and so much more! Visit Terracycle to learn about their programs. 

July 7 - Make some DIYs. Check out this guide on how to make several household products. 

July 8 - Accountability. Step 1: Find plastic litter; Step 2: Take a pic; Step 3: Post pic with #IsThisYours?; Step 4: Tag the brand. 

Check out our joint media release with other ENGOs on Canada's biggest plastic producers. 

July 9 - Write to a company. Send an email or letter to a company about their plastic waste and how they can reduce it. Here is a template you can copy/paste!

July 10 - Movie Night. Tonight watch one of these amazing documentaries on our plastic problem and see how you can be part of the solution. Suggestions here

July 11 - Read a book. Borrow a book from the library (or from a friend) about plastic waste. Suggestions here

July 12 - Refuse. Say NO to single use plastic! At this rate, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050! Carryout tips

July 13 - Balloon Debris. Kills wildlife & pollutes. Learn more

July 14 - Learn what YOU can do to help! NCJW Webinar "Sustainability: Acting Now to Secure the Future". Click here to register

July 15 - Join an Eco Group. Learn more about our GLPPSC members via the links at the top of the calendar

July 16 - Reduce Plastic Bottles. Humans use ~ 1M plastic bottles per minute. Skip bottles of hand soap, body wash & shampoo. Try bar soap or look for a Zero Waste story in your area! 

July 17 - Check out our Green Grocery Shopping Guide before your next trip to the store. 

July 18 - Choose Natural Fibres. 35% of plastic in the oceans comes from washing synthetic fabric. Choose natural fibers: cotton & wool vs synthetics (nylon, polyester & acrylic). 

July 19 - Skip Styrofoam. Bring a reusable mug when allowed and your own containers for carryout when dining in; ask for foil vs plastic. 

July 20 - Learn more about microplastics: Article from NOAA & NPR Podcast

July 21 - Community Clean-up. Clean up a park near you or sign up for a local clean up. 

July 22 - Recycle Right! One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Know what your recycling provider accepts (and what they do not)! Plastic bags and film should be returned to retailers for recycling. 

July 23 - Plastic Packaging. 40% of plastic waste is packaging - used just once and then discarded. Be mindful of the packaging when selecting products. 

July 24 - Educate Others! 

July 25 - Bring Your Own Bag. It is estimated that 4 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide annually. Only 1% of plastic bags are returned to stores for recycling. 

July 26 - Green Lunches. Plastic waste is choking our planet! Use beeswax wraps or reusable bags in place of plastic wrap and sandwich bags. 

July 27 - Upcycle Challenge. Before you toss that old plastic item, up-cycle it into something new you can use. Click here for inspiration. 

July 28 - Learn about green initiatives in your town!

July 29 - Support Plastic Pollution Legislation. 

July 30 - Trap Microplastics. Add a filter to your washing machine such as LUV-R filter or Filtrol-160 or use a Guppy Friend Bag

July 31 - Keep it Going! Keep these plastic free initiatives going as, together, we CAN make a difference!

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