All Hands on Deck: A Telling Tale of Tailpipes

Join us for the latest installment of our All Hands On Deck webinar series, intended to showcase the diversity of issues and solutions as we come together to deal with the environmental and social challenges of our time. 

In Canada, roughly one-third of us live near a major road. Close proximity to major roads increases our exposure to air pollution, and the health risks that come with it.

What do we know about traffic-related air pollution and what can we do about it?

Join us to find out!


  • Monday December 13th
  • 9:00am PST/ 10:00am MST/ 12:00pm EST/ 1:00pm AST

Our webinar will feature prominent researcher and University of Toronto professor Dr. Greg Evans. Dr. Evans’ research focuses on air pollution, and understanding its impacts on human health and the environment.

The webinar will also feature emerging findings from a community-based air quality campaign, Breathe Easy. The campaign’s goal is to use citizen science to monitor local air quality and use the findings to inspire community action on air pollution. 

We’re surrounded by traffic everyday. We pass by throngs of cars as we walk our kids to school; we sit in gridlock traffic driving to and from work; we hear cars whizzing by our homes that are located beside major roadways.

If we spend enough time near major roads and highways where concentrations of air pollutants are disproportionately high, we can be at risk for health problems.

How big is the problem of traffic-related air pollution? What exactly causes air pollution? Does season matter? What’s more important - the type of vehicle or how many cars are on the road? 

Understanding traffic-related air pollution is a big first step to improving it - and protecting our health.  

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The webinar will be jointly hosted by Ecology Ottawa and the Sierra Club Canada Foundation. 

A recording of the event will be posted afterwards to our website.

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