Media Statement: Single Use Plastics Regulations Welcomed but Faster Action Needed

For Immediate Release: June 20, 2022


Sierra Club Canada Foundation welcomes improved federal regulations released today for single use plastics, and wants even faster action to stem the tide of plastic pollution going forward. Most importantly they are happy to see that pressure from the public, including Sierra Club Canada members who sent countless messages to the government, has resulted in this ban also being applied to the export of these products. Although the organization would like to see that export ban take place before 2025, as it is currently scheduled.

“We are happy that our voices were heard and that these changes were made. But it shouldn’t have to take this long. We know Canadians want to see action on plastic pollution, and hope that in the future, these changes can come much quicker. We don’t have another four years to spare,” according to Lucy Bain, Problem with Plastics Coordinator with Sierra Club Ontario.

“This is not the end, it is only the beginning of what needs to be done to tackle the plastic crisis we have created. Hot and cold drink cups, sachets, produce bags and cigarette filters are just a few more examples of the plastic that we are seeing in our environment everyday. The next step is identifying these additional harmful single use plastics and getting them added to the list quickly.”

“Since the ban was announced, scientists have called for a cap on plastic production globally. We need to move quicker and with greater resolution to stem the plastic tide and create a truly circular approach to plastics,” according to Gretchen Fitzgerald, National Programs Director.

Starting July 1, Sierra Club Canada Foundation will be calling for people to join in Plastic Free July activities and to take action in their homes and communities to stop plastic pollution and prevent waste. People can stay tuned for news on Plastic Free July by following the organization on Facebook or Twitter.


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