Earth Silent HEROES: Bats and Mushrooms (Part 2)

April is National Poetry Month and Ogochukwu wrote some fantastic poetry about how bats and mushrooms are truly silent heroes. Thanks Ogochukwu for your contribution to Ozone! If you’re interested in contributing to Ozone email us at to get in touch about getting published on our website!


In the darkness of the night,
A creature takes to flight,
Its wings a blur of soundless grace,
Silent hero of an unseen race.
The bat, a master of the sky,
A creature we often vilify,
Yet little do we know its worth,
To ecosystems here on earth.
A pollinator in the night,
Its work essential for the fight,
Against the loss of plant and tree,
Ensuring life for you and me.
A pest controller, too, is it,
A silent killer with its wit,
Reducing pests that spread disease,
Its job performed with perfect ease.
But bats, they face a grave concern,
Their numbers drop, their fate uncertain,
We must protect these creatures now,
Or else, the consequences we'll allow.
So let us celebrate the bat,
A silent hero in combat,
Working for the earth with care,
A creature that we must all share.


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