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Municipality of ________________

By-law no.

Whereas Cities and Towns Act, R.S.Q.,c.C-19,s. 410(1). allows municipalities in Quebec to respond expeditiously to new challenges facing municipalities in protecting the general welfare of residents in their territory, and such authority has been unanimously confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada on June 28, 2001 (114957 Canada LTEE(Spraytech, societe D'Arrosage) and services des espaces verts ltee/ Chemlawn), vs.  the municipality of Hudson, Quebec, the Municipality of ____________ passes bylaw _______.

1: Definitions:  For the purposes of this by-law, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

"PESTICIDE" means any substance, matter, or micro-organism intended to control, destroy, reduce, attract or repel, directly or indirectly, an organism which is noxious, harmful, or annoying for a human being, fauna, vegetation, crops, or other goods, or intended to regulate the growth of vegetation, excluding medicine or vaccine;

"FARMER": means a farm producer or horticulturist.

2. The spreading and use of a pesticide is prohibited throughout the territory of the Municipality.

3.  Notwithstanding article 2, it is permitted to use a pesticide in the following cases:
  1. in a public or private swimming pool;
  2. to purify water intended for the use of human beings or animals;
  3. inside of a building;
  4. to control or destroy animals which constitute a danger for human beings;
  5. to control or destroy plants which constitute a danger for human beings who are allergic thereto.

4.  Notwithstanding article 2, a farmer using a pesticide on an immovable tract which is exploited for purposes of agriculture or horticulture, in a hot house or in the open, is requested to

  1. register, by written declaration, with the Town, in the month of March of each year, the products which he stores and which he will be using during that year.
  2. also provide, in the written declaration at article 4 a), the schedule of application of said products and the area(s) of his property where the products will be applied.

5. Notwithstanding Article 2, it is permitted to use a biological pesticide to control or destroy insects which constitute a danger for human beings.

(Other exemptions and enforcement mechanisms as deemed necessary by the municipality and residents can be added.)

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