Your moment of holiday optimism

The holiday season is upon us and I hope that each of you get to spend it happily in the company of family and friends.

But if you're reading this then chances are, no matter what your holiday plans, at some point the topic of conversation will shift to the environment.

...and ouf, yeah, it's been a year.

So, in the interest of general well-being - and a due fairness to optimism - I want to take a few moments to highlight some of the good and great things that happened this year for the environment. Because there are a lot of victories worth celebrating at the dinner table that would not have been possible without your support.

Our chapter’s work to fight plastic pollution, improve air quality, get Nova Scotia off coal, push for a new national urban park in Edmonton, and protect bird habitats in Québec are making a difference for nature. Across the country these chapters are motivating people to take a stand and to view the world around them in a new way.

Our Youth Chapter is raising awareness of the most crucial issues of our time and our Wild Child programs succeeded in getting kids outside in the environment for over ten thousand hours.

Together we’ve put pressure on governments, inspired new voices to join the environmental conversation, protected crucial habitats, and inspired future generations to enjoy and protect nature.

We’re working for an environmentally just future for all. That goal isn’t without its challenges. But nature can triumph against incredible odds and that should inspire us to do the same.

So, what’s the “ask” in this article? Simple; don’t forget to share the good stories too.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Sierra Club Canada Foundation!


P.S. All this work is possible due to our dedicated donors and supporters. Please make a donation to our work today so we can continue this work:

P.P.S. Expecting some lively “discussions” about climate change this holiday season? Here is a resource that might help you dispel some common climate myths. Also did you know that we might be able to use solar parks to help support bumblebee populations - unrelated topic, but pretty good news worth sharing all the same.

Conor Curtis

Digital Communications Coordinator

Sierra Club Canada Foundation