Prairie Region


Sierra Club Canada Foundation has been working to develop a network of community leaders protecting the integrity of Prairie ecosystems. Our dedicated volunteers focus on local issues important to their communities and act as proactive advocates for the environment. 

We build and support grassroots initiatives in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. This includes the Prairie, Boreal Plains and Shield, and Taiga Plains and Shield, Southern and Northern Arctic ecozones.


Values & Guiding Principles

Environmental Stewardship and Advocacy 

  • Local stewards are active, informed, and equipped to advocate for local issues

Collaborative and Supportive Network

  • Work together with other organizations and diverse stakeholders towards a common goal. 

Grassroots Community Builders

  • We provide opportunities for folks to join a community and advocate for the environment in ways that best suit their capabilities. 
  • Democratic grassroots organization

Getting outdoors to connect to the land

  • The best way to advocate for the environment is to nurture a relationship with nature. 
  • We take decision-makers on tours of local areas as an effective and meaningful way to value the land and build relationships. 


Key Projects, Initiatives, and Issues


  • Support a national urban park in the Edmonton metropolitan region
  • Urban conservation of the North Saskatchewan River Valley and local wetlands
  • Advocacy on coal development in the Eastern Slopes
  • Wild Child Forest Schools and environmental education


  • Water advocacy for wetland protection and impacts to water quality such as large-scale developments and irrigation projects. 
  • We host yearly conferences with our partners to raise awareness of wetland drainage


  • Wildflower bed and promoting native plants and pollinators in urban settings
  • Nature As Muse initiative usings arts-based engagement to meaningfully connect with nature and build community

Northwest Territories and Nunavut

  • Raising awareness of the impact of climate change in the North and northern issues


Get Connected:

To get involved in the prairie region, contact Lindsay Boucher, Prairie Chapter Coordinator, at

For information on our Wild Child programs, contact Paulina Retamales at to book your program today. 

For local conservation initiatives in the Edmonton region, contact Charlie Richmond at