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About Wild Child

Wild Child is an educational program of Sierra Club Canada Foundation and has been connecting children, youth, and families to nature since 2010. The mission of our Wild Child programs is to provide child led, play based learning through repeated exposure to nature helping to foster a lasting relationship with the natural world.



Wild Child program brings fun environmental education and encourages staff and children to get outside, play games and age appropriate activities to learn about their environment and the other critters they share their community with.




Forest schoolForest School

Ages: 3 to 13
Open to everyone

The goal of Forest Schools is to help children youth find inspiration, build self-confidence, and develop healthy self-esteem through skill development, hands on activities, and outdoor experiences. This is a social enterprise that operates as a fee for service, recreational program for children. The program provides opportunities for emergent and child led activities, including tool use and risky play, in natural setting over time. Wild Child Forest School offers programs for children from 3 to 13 years of age. They can be offered as half-day, full-day, Saturdays and week long summer camps depending on location.





Nature immersionNature Immersion

Ages: 3 to 6
Open to daycares, preschools, kindergarten & Grade 1

Wild Child Nature Immersion program is designed to introduce young children to outdoor free play. Over three visits, an educator will brings fun environmental education to child care sites, and encourages staff and children to get outside, play games and engage in age appropriate activities. Through stories, crafts, games and exploration, children will get to know their corner of the woods. This program caters to ages 3 to 6 and is typically offered to daycares, early learning centres, preschools, kindergarten and Grade 1 classrooms. The program can be adapted to accommodate additional age groups, please contact your local Wild Child Office to see if Nature Immersion is a good fit.







Ages: 9 to 13
Open to Grade 4, Grade 5 & Grade 6 classrooms

Eco-Buddies bring the Grades 4’s, 5’s and 6’s outdoors using the basics of play and discovery! With and innovative, holistic approach to environmental education, classrooms get to connect with nature and become eco-literate. This program enables children to learn about climate change and become responsible stewards of the land. Through outdoor activities, games, exploration, science experiments and conversation, children and teachers will apply concepts from the science curriculum to the ecosystem around them and learn how organisms in nature work together to build healthy ecosystems. This program is currently only offered in Alberta.






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COVID-19 & Wild Child Together Apart
We will be following all public health, school, and childcare advice regarding COVID-19 in order to do our part to limit the spread of the virus. You can read Sierra Club Canada Foundation Community Care Policy here (https://www.sierraclub.ca/en/wild-child-program-covid-19-response-policy)