Go Local


The Sierra Club of Canada Foundation has chapters in each of the major provinces/regions.

Atlantic Canada Chapter

Formed in 2000, the Atlantic Canada Chapter supports communities on issues such as industrial farming, sustainable forestry, sustainable mining, contaminated lands, and more. The Atlantic chapter’s campaigns include promoting renewable energy, running youth environmental education programs, protecting the Gulf of St. Lawrence, preventing fracking, and protecting wilderness reserves.

Ontario Chapter

Formerly the Eastern Canada Chapter, the Ontario Chapter of Sierra Club Canada actively addresses the environmental concerns of people living in Ontario. This chapter encourages positive change through community initiatives, with campaigns for clean air, water, and the protection of urban, rural and wilderness environments. 

Quebec Chapter

The Quebec Chapter is committed to the protection and restoration of the natural environment of Quebec, with active groups in the Montreal region and elsewhere. This chapter works on campaigns around environmental health, protection of biodiversity, green energy, sustainable economy, and more. 

Prairie Chapter

Founded in 1995, the Prairie Chapter has since been working to develop a network of community leaders protecting the integrity of Prairie ecosystems. Several volunteer groups are focused on local issues important to their communities and act as proactive advocates for the environment.

Sierra Youth 

Active since 1996, the Sierra Youth is the youth branch of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation, with a mission to empower young people to become active community leaders. Through grassroots action, and an anti-oppression approach, SY aims to address globalization, consumption, and climate change while acting as a resource for youth concerned about environmental and social justice issues.