Here comes the sun, but I say...

BENNETT BLOG / December 4th, 2014

Have you ever wondered why there needs to be a Sierra? This billboard is all the explanation necessary.

It seems ‘Friends of Science’, Canada’s own climate change deniers, have rounded up some money from Big Oil for a campaign in Montreal and Calgary. Why? It is a classic disinformation campaign to counter important global talks on reducing greenhouse gas emissions that got underway this week in Lima, Peru.

Now, there is a difference between free speech and disinformation. Free speech is the right to express a point of view -- a right I rely on, and will defend, every day.

Disinformation, however, is the intentional use of untruths in an attempt to misinform and confuse. It comes from war propaganda techniques designed to lead the enemy into drawing wrong conclusions.

If Friends of Science (the name being the pinnacle of disinformation) had used the words “we believe” they would have been technically expressing a point of view, but they didn’t. They stated in absolute terms: “The sun is the main driver of climate change”.

This piece of disinformation is a favourite among climate deniers and, needless to say, it has been totally debunked. HERE is a good article that refutes it.

#JunkScience Prophets (Profits)

What's so appalling is that a global billboard company, Pattison (Pattison Outdoor Advertising), would participate in such a blatant disinformation campaign. It’s shocking that an advertising company would be so reckless with its reputation and credibility.

We could complain to the Advertising Standards Council, but ASC (who previously bought that Tar Sands tailing ponds were “ essentially like yogurt”) would take months to render a decision, and by then the billboard campaign will be long gone.

So why not just express our concern directly to the billboard company. Click HERE and be heard today. It only takes a few seconds!

Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement.


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