Two Years is Too Long - We Need a Plastic Ban Now


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Canada’s Environment Minister Guilbeault announced a ban on some select plastic items just before the new year. 

Now we have learned that, given the way these regulations are written, it will actually take another two years before even this limited ban has any real impact. This limited ban also doesn’t stop companies from exporting these products internationally and continuing to create unnecessary and harmful pollution - not exactly neighbourly. And since most of plastic made in Canada is exported to the United States, a lot of this plastic will end up back on our shores and shared waters like the Great Lakes

Please take a moment to send your feedback on these regulations to the federal government and let them know that:

     1. Two years is too long to wait! 

     2. We need to ban all unnecessary single use plastic now! 

     3. Canadian companies should not be allowed to continue making these products for export!

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