Equinor: Stop Bay du Nord and Support Community-Based Renewable Energy in NL

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Dear Equinor and Norwegian Leaders,

Equinor as a company has the skills and experience necessary to help Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) grow its green economy and transition away from an economic dependency on fossil fuels. Your proposed mega oil project, Bay du Nord, is in direct opposition to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s clear statement that no more fossil fuel projects can go ahead if we are to meet climate targets (1,2). The project has become quite controversial in Canada, largely because it makes it impossible for us to meet our national climate targets (3,4,5). There are also local environmental concerns that, while brought to Equinor’s attention, have yet to be adequately addressed (5). Youth demonstrators in Canada, and local groups in NL, have demanded this project, which directly jeopardizes their future, not go ahead. (5,6,7).

Further, it’s been noted that as the world moves away from fossil fuels, large-scale projects like Bay du Nord will become stranded assets and economic dead ends (8), and the UN Secretary General has called funding fossil fuel projects ‘moral and economic madness’ (9).  

Instead of pursuing Bay du Nord, we call upon you to help localize the benefits of a green transition in NL in the form of wind and solar power. You can do this by working collaboratively in communities to build renewable energy infrastructure. 

Do the right thing. Change course, away from fossil fuels, and help with a just transition for workers and communities instead.


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