Watch: Sierra Club Ontario members oppose proposed urban expansions in Niagara

Proposals have been put forward to urbanize vast swaths of land via the Niagara Region’s new Official Plan. These planned urban expansions threaten Canada’s most biologically diverse Carolinian zone. These expansions would impinge on land currently restricted for rural purposes and threaten the habitats of many endangered and declining species.

During a recent meeting of the Niagara Region’s Planning and Economic Development Committee, a number speakers spoke to oppose such planned urban boundary land use changes.

Two members of Sierra Club Ontario were present at the meeting to oppose the planned urban expansion --  Dr. John Bacher (Researcher, Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society) and Danny Beaton (Mohawk of the Turtle Clan). Both Dr. Bacher and Mr. Beaton urged councillors to consider the potential impact of urban expansions on local flora and fauna. 

Read more from Dr. John Bacher and Danny Beaton (Mohawk of the Turtle Clan) about the potential impacts of the proposed urban expansion here: Stopping Forest Extinction. 

You can watch the full Niagara Region Planning and Economic Development Committee Meeting here

- Start at 1:07:37 to hear Dr. John Bacher 

- Start at 1:31:50 to hear Danny Beaton


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