A Climate Emergency Response to the HRM Plan Review

The Halifax Regional Municipality has made some important strides in addressing the climate crisis and advancing the local conversation around climate change. The Sierra Club Canada Foundation would like to acknowledge those efforts.

The following recommendations include a number of ways that the HRM Council can respond to the climate emergency more quickly and effectively by incorporating more decisive action and earlier time frames in its Regional Plan.

This response also identifies areas in which the HRM Council’s decisions have been inconsistent with its stated climate commitments. The Council has declared a climate emergency and regulated beneficial measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and protect biodiversity. But it has also approved contradictory measures that will harm the environment and increase the municipality’s carbon footprint.

Our goal is to identify policies and measures that the HRM Council can include in the Regional Plan to better address the climate emergency, and ensure a rapid transition to an equitable, sustainable, low-carbon future for all people living in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Tynette Deveaux
Communications Coordinator,
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club Canada Foundation,
Atlantic Chapter

Local Chapter: