Invest in a Green Recovery for Canada

Right now, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild a just society that is better for our health, the economy, and nature. Decision-makers in Ottawa are currently determining how to allocate billions of our tax dollars, with a new federal budget just around the corner.

To shape the Canada that we want to see, we are asking the federal government to make critical investment decisions that:

  • End fossil fuels subsidies and shift spending to a Green and Just Recovery,
  • Deliver strong climate legislation, ambitious climate targets, and policies that enable climate justice,
  • Protect 25% of land and ocean by 2025 and support Indigenous-led conservation, and
  • Expand and leverage nature-based climate solutions.

The situation for our planet is urgent but we can rise to the challenge. We have done it before. The federal government needs to deliver on its promise of building a Canada that is equitable, green, healthy, and innovative. These promises require sufficient funds invested in the right initiatives, with clear deadlines and accountability.

Send a letter now to your elected officials to let them know that you demand a Green and Just Recovery.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation is joining environmental groups across Canada for One Earth One Voice — a campaign to rally our supporters to urge the federal government to prioritize a Green and Just Recovery.

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