No More Big Oil Bailouts, Create Sustainable Jobs Now

For Immediate Release: September 10, 2020

HALIFAX, NS - The Canadian government needs to look to other solutions for the downward spiral in the Newfoundland offshore oil and gas industry, not pour more fuel on the flames of climate change, according to Sierra Club Canada Foundation.

"Tens of thousands of Canadians joined us in the last twenty four hours in calling for a just, green recovery. If there ever were a time to switch course, it is now," according to National Programs Director Gretchen Fitzgerald. "We are fighting our way out of a devastating crisis - one that has made Canadians think differently about what they value, and what is possible if we work together."

"Sierra Club supports principles for a just recovery from the global pandemic. This includes advocating for support for workers and communities that will create a safe future for all," according to Julie Reimer, Director for Atlantic Canada with Sierra Club Canada Foundation. "In this case, governments need to assist oil reliant communities and workers and support innovation that transitions away from fossil fuels. Betting on the Newfoundland offshore will just exacerbate the climate crisis and kick the can down the road for these workers."


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